How do I fill in this shape? the fill block isn't working

It's only filling in one line, but I need it to fill out the entire rectangle, but when I use the fill block, it doesn't work as intended. I saw on a different post that you'd have to go inside the shape with the pen up, but I don't get what that means.

can't include links or image in the post so idk how else to do the code but here's a text version of the code:

set turbo mode to on
BLOCK (rectangle) START
set pen RGB(A) to [list (107)(105)(105)]
pen down
repeat 2
move 230 steps
turn right 90 degrees
move 120 steps
turn right 90 degrees
pen up
BLOCK (rectangle) END

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The sprite must be inside the shape for it to fill properly:

thank you! that makes more sense now lol thought i was going crazy

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