How do I draw arcs of a specified radius?

Like JS CanvasRenderingContext2D.arc().

One simple way

This V2 handles anti-clockwise better but probably still needs start/end if specified as negative values

draw arc script pic

The lines drawn by that are a little too thick for my purposes:
I would prefer them be 0-1 pixels thick, but they're 1-2 pixels thick with a pen size of 1.

Edit: This is what I'd prefer for radius 9:

Method 1:y=sqrt(r^2-x^2) then swap x and y
Method 2:y=sin(t)*r,x=cos(t)*r
Method ???:e^(pi*sqrt(-1)*t) (note:have bignums on)

turn on flat line ends and decrease the pen size (yes, lower than 1 works just fine)

also personally i would use this block, it should run a lot faster with no noticeable difference
arc drawer script pic
the direction part isn't needed because it always just goes from start to end in the direction that implies

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