How do I download Dev Version of Snap?

I would like to make a mod with it, but I can't find a way to download it. Somebody else said they were making a mod with it, but I can't find the donwload page for it

Normally @jens would post some kind of dev version on GitHub first. Or at least I think it is like that.

already tried that

The dev version is here GitHub - jmoenig/Snap: a visual programming language inspired by Scratch it's in the main branch.

oh, thanks!

I can't find the main branch...


I think he meant master

Also, you don't need the dev version to mod Snap!

I know. Also, when ever I press the libraries tab, it asks me to choose a file from my computer (this is on the downloaded version)

Yeah, I think that only happens if you're viewing it offline. If you run it in a server (localhost, github pages) it works as expected.

how do I run it in a GitHub page?
(yes, I did fork it on GitHub)

bruh my own page is blocked my school >:(

how do I make a localhost server, and is it free?

  1. the same way as you would any other server
  2. depends on your definition

If you're on chromebook, idk how to do it. But on windows, it's actually pretty easy. Also, yeah, it's free. Here's how to start a localhost server, well, this is the easiest way that I can find Setting up a simple HTTP server using Python - GeeksforGeeks another way is to install the live server preview extension in vscode, and use that instead.

You can find one-click-installable web servers. On the Mac I use XAMPP, which includes an FTP server and a MySQL database as well as the Apache web server.

Installing the live server preview extension in vscode, it allows you to right click an html file in vscode to open the file in a web server. The python version is great cause all you need is python and the http.server library. Aside from that, it's just as simple as running one command in the command prompt, python -m http.server

You could use something like Render if Github Pages is blocked. It's important to note your (@mr_owlssssnap2) school might not allow you to create or use localhost pages.