How do I create a multi-category?

How do I create a category contaning other categories, Like the "Variables" group, which contains "Variables", "Lists" and "Other".

We don't have that facility available to us

Imho this is not something to aspire to. Before we had custom categories, the party line was that space in the palette column was precious, and so it was crucial to squeeze out one category-name-line of space by combining three unrelated categories. (Okay, to be fair, they're not unrelated in Scratch, where a list is a special kind of variable, with a built-in name and so on. But that hasn't been true for us since forever ago.) Now that we have SciSnap! and the world hasn't come to an end, I'm hoping someday to get those separated.

To be fair, I've seen many snap mods separate them, so there are people out there that also want them separated.

If I cant have group categories, can I have multiple block colors in one category?

Unfortunately, there's not a way to do this.

That would kind of defeat the point of having block colors!

By the way, what you can do is put all the blocks in one big scrolling window like recent Scratch, instead of a separate window per category. That's sort of the extreme case of what you want!

You could use a common block a/o category name prefix and still have multiple categories.

000 script pic

Or you could create a single (container) category, and use a different block name prefix for each (informal) sub-category.

untitled script pic 220

By clicking on the gear menu image > Single palette

or by adding some colour to the text on the block like this:
DefautProject script pic


The way the text looks here is disgusting, in my opinion.
Can we someday officially add a way to bold the text?
FruitPic Updated.

Thin: $Fruits-1-128-0-0
Bold: $!$Fruits-1-128-0-0

The text is already bold.

Edit: after testing it on my phone, it doesn't look bold.

Do you have any other systems to test on? The font is not bold by default, which I understand because of SymbolMorphs.

Well, currently on my phone, but I will test on my computer, as that has the verdana font (the block label font).

Edit: actually, it's not bold when setting the text color, but is bold on a normal block.


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