How do I create a collection/group?

I want to create a collection for all of my school projects and a group for people from my school, how do I create them? Do you have to work for Snap! To create one?



Groups aren't a thing accessible by users. The only group is the admins group afaik.
Collections, however, are. Go to My Collections under your username in the Community Site, then click New Collection:
Once you have done that, go to each of your school projects and under the page, click "add to collection" then select your new collection.

wait you can create groups on the forums

You can't. Only snap developers can.

Really the only populated groups on the forum are the automatically created ones based on roles, such as moderator or tl1. As far as I can tell, the purpose of groups is to allow private threads, which we need like a hole in the head. (We did have one for Snap!Con2020 participants during the conference but it's moribund now.)

Do I have to do this on Laptop because on my iPad the drop down menu won't pull down.

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