How do I assign an answer to random sprite?

Hi there, I’m creating a program that is a binary to decimal or hexadecimal game. The game is made up of three apples that fall from a tree and you’re supposed to catch the correct apple in the apple basket. I’m having a lot of trouble though figuring out how to assign an answer to each apple and randomizing the apples so that the correct answer isn’t always the same apple. If you guys could help me in any way that would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

Welcome to the Forum, b-swizzle! (Hey, @bh, are mods only supposed to say that? Or can I?)
This should work: put it the stage to pick a random sprite, since it uses (my [other sprites]).

No you totally can! Please do.

Yes @snap0maker0,
I only want to note the random param_ of that block:



Wow I forgot you could do that it's so easy

You can also use this if you have to run the script inside a sprite.

Thank you all!!