How do i add a profile banner

im seeing people with profile banners and i checked the forums but there is no explanation on how to add one. I go on preferences, profile, and all i get is "About me", "Timezone", "Location", "Web Site", "Current Projects", "School status", "Featured Topic" and "Region". Nothing about profile banners. For some reason it wont let me post images because its embed

i forgor to mention, a topic by @calculator (can't add links for some reason) has people saying that the profile tab has a profile banner thing but i can't find it for some reason

It may not be available to new users. Just keep using the forum, and you'll probably get it at some point (when your name is no longer grey in posts).

oh cool thanks

no longer light grey

i didnt get the joke whoops
it wasnt even a joke lol

It depends on if you're using light or dark mode

Wait... the forums have dark mode?

wait that was the joke oooooooh
it wasnt even a joke lol

yes, in the profile menu in preferences in interface

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