How do create custom buttons in Snap! 10.0

The 3D Beetle geometry library has a custom button. How do you make that is Snap! 10.0?

(P.S. The button is 'Open 3D Window' and not 'Make a block')

Screenshot 2024-04-06 212703

You don't, at least not so far. We're thinking about it.

(You can put a button on the stage with the "Text costumes" library.)

no, you totally can do that if you make an extension. It's been part of the Snap! extension API for over a year now, and it's well documented: Snap/docs/ at master · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub

Oh, right. I was thinking non-extension-writing users, the same as you don't have to write an extension to add a palette category, etc.

yes, that's absolutely right.

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