How Could I Make A Snap! Theme With Js

I Was Wondering How Could I Customize Snap!

You mean like customize your side of things?

You Know Not The Blocks Just The Color Of The UI

I'm not sure what you mean, but I'm pretty sure you can customize Snap! and add your own categories and colors of blocks by pressing SHIFT+Snap! Logo.

Then you'd get a menu with a button saying "Switch to Dev Mode". Click on it and then you can add your own categories for blocks.

You can customize Snap! by pressing SHIFT+Snap! logo. Then you'd get a menu, with a button saying "Switch to dev mode". Click on it, and then you can edit Snap!.

By doing this you can customize Snap!, add your own categories for blocks, and change the color of some parts of the Snap! editor.

It doesn't save though.

Its Fine!

We don't have built-in support for themes the way some other programs do.

Of course, since our source code is available for inspection, with a lot of effort you could modify the user interface all you want.

But our feeling is that you should spend your time here programming in Snap!, rather than trying to customize it. There's plenty to learn in Snap!. For example, do you know how to use anonymous functions (gray rings) to build an object oriented programming system? See Chapter VIII of the Reference Manual.

Yeah I Understand About The Programing! :slight_smile: