How can one convert a program to a PDF file?


I have a student in an AP CS Principles class. He needs to submit his Snap! program as a PDF file as part of a programming portfolio. Is there an convenient way to convert his program to a PDF file which shows his algorithms with all of his blocks.

We're considering simply using the Snipping Tool to capture images of his program. He's hoping there is a simpler way.


In the File menu is "Export Summary." This creates a web page with details about all the sprites, all the custom blocks, and so on. You can then save the resulting summary as PDF either directly from your browser or as an option in the Print system dialog.

We put in this feature specifically for CS Principles students. The only thing is, the result is pretty long. You might want to stick an electronic tab at the place where you want the grader to start reading. Or save the page as HTML and edit it in your favorite text editor to remove whatever's unnecessary.

There's also the "scripts pic" menu item when you right-click on the background of the scripting area.