How can i see all of the about of a category

self explanatory(filler)

Click the name of the category.

no like advanced help topics

Yeah. Click this: Advanced Topics

Scroll down, and click "About the Advanced Topics category".

it doesnt have an about... topic

Yeah, it does: About the Advanced Topics category.

If you don't see it, use the search button.

or pin it

I don't think this topic belongs in Forum Feature Requests, Snap! Forums (forum help) is more of a fitting topic.

By the way, the about topic is pinned on each one. If you don't see it, this is because the forums automatically unpins pinned topics by default after reading it. To stop that from happening, click your profile picture at the top right. Go to preferences > Interface and uncheck "Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom" and save preferences.

i put it there bc idk where 2 put it

changed it