How can I make a 3d chase game?

a maze game where you run from something

i just need the creature

you could make fake 3d using a raycaster, or you could also try to use the beetleblock to make a maze

whats a beetlebock?

Beetle Blocks is a 3D mod of Snap!. It's getting replaced with an extension when Snap! 10 comes out.

the thing is blocksi is blocking 70% of websites

You said you're in college, yet they are blocking websites, and you act kinda.. childish? How come?

my hand is tired but this is proof

and yes i took this on iphone

and something crazy is my name is three


I don't get it. WHAT does this prove, and HOW does this prove said thing? Talking to both you & @mtrout_27.

wdym by "said thing"

refers to


I think he's using calculus to prove he's in college.

Ok, I guess.

I actually reverse image searched this image using Google Lens and got tons of results. Most of them are blocked for me though. At least amazon wasn't blocked. I'm not sure if I can send the link but it might mean you got that image from google, can you send more proof?

ok bet

and i dont use amazon

I'm not saying you're not from college, I'm just saying that the evidence you sent was not very convincing. You don't need to take it personally, it could just be my suspicion.