How can I load angle's blocks in Motion

I need to use "translate by ..." block.

but I don't have it in my new snap program to select it. Is it a deprecated block?
Thanks in advance,

wym translate by. u can use the url request i think

share your project

i think @lgarciap1029 means "translate" as in move.

I'm trying to do something like Kente Computing, but I only need the stitches background. In the "Shift and Stamp" custom block, they use "translate by 50 of width" but I don't have that block in my project, so I got an undefined block error. For some reason, I get an error that says that I can't create links or media on this post (An error occurred: Sorry, you can't include links in your posts.), so I can't share my project.

May we see?

Is there another way to share links?

You can post an image of the script. Right-click it and select "script pic" to download an image of the blocks. (I forget is new forum user can use images or not.)

Of course but I don't know how to show you I got an error when I tried to paste a link or share an image. I got this error: "An error occurred: Sorry, you can't embed media items in a post"

Unfortunately, to stop spam, new users have limits on what they can add to posts

Not heard of Kente Computing before and I'm just wondering if your using Turtle Stitch and not native Snap! ?

I'm new to snap, I just created a snap project. I put space before each slash in order to try to share you a link, this is Kente Computing:
https :// csdt. org/ applications /26 /run

That's a modification of Snap! which is why we don't know what you are talking about :slight_smile:

Are you using that modification or trying to emulate it in pure Snap! ?

I'm trying to emulate it in pure snap

This is my project https:// snap.berkeley. edu /snap/snap.html#present:Username=lgarciap1029&ProjectName=textiles%20Guate&editMode&noRun
I put spaces after https:// and before .edu
I'm trying to recreate the stitch background.

I think you have your work cut out for you to try and do that

Good luck :slight_smile:

The specific TRANSLATE block is pretty straightforward; it's just

But yeah, if you want to reinvent their mod completely that'll be a ton of effort -- the same effort they had to put in!

Thank you. I want to do mayan knit patterns, and I loved the way they did it in that project. if you have another sugestion, it will be welcome

I'm not really familiar with their work, so I'm afraid I don't.

Another user suggested Turtle Stitch, and they are here

Wether or not that helps or hinders is another matter entirely, but give them a once-over and see what you think. They're a mod of snap as well.

Thank you! turtle stitch will be very usefull!