How can I disable Snap intercepting all CMD keypress combinations on macOS

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What's problem you are encountering?

When I open Snap in Safari (this doesn't happen in Chrome) I cannot use CMD anymore to cycle through all the open macOS windows.

What have you tried that didn't work?

CMD+Tab/ShiftTab doesn't allow me to move to the next/previous open window in macOS.

I like a lot having shortcut combinations in Snap. So, can I disable Snap intercepting just specific combinations? Or can CMD be (optionally?) moved to CTRL in macOS?

I use macOS nothing happens to me.

Can you switch to other open windows by using CMD+Tab?

well it acts like I can but it won't do anything when I try.
I also use safari.

Weird, that should be standard macOS behaviour Manage windows on Mac - Apple Support

In Chrome, ⌘ does the usual browser thing and ^ does the Snap! thing. Not in Firefox either. Much as I hate to say anything nice about Google...

Why do you hate google so much?

I guess it's because multi-billion-dollar corporations have a lot of negative connotations

Because they invented the modern no-privacy era. Go read Shoshana Zuboff | The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.

Oof. Even the first few paragraphs tells the story.

Oh, there's a lot more than that to the story! Read the book...

So, Google, Facebook, Etc. Can use your private info for money?

Oh yes! How did you think they got so rich? They make a point of how virtuous they are because they don't directly sell your info to other companies; they just use it to target advertising to you that they predict you'll click on. But they have the information, and (sometimes) they respond to police subpoenas.

Can this behavior -⌘ doing the usual browser thing and ^ doing the Snap*!* thing- be implemented so that it works with Safari too?

I think we do the best we can, given what the browser tells us.

It's funny, you'd have thought a priori that Safari, written specifically for MacOS, would do the best job of keeping command and control separate. But no.

I thought that CTRL and CMD were firing different key codes, as in

Yes, but that doesn't mean it's what the browser tells us. If we were getting raw key codes, it'd already work the same on all browsers. :~)

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