How can i convert a program to a .exe file?

hello! my english is not good.
i want to share my project with my friends.
i wish they can play my game when they are offline
what should i do?

You can try with :slight_smile:

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"" takes me to a "502 Bad Gateway" error.

Yep, we're aware of that. Adrian (the author of that tool) is also aware, but he's maintaining it on a volunteer basis and hasn't yet had the time to bring it back online. He's promised to do it sometime this week, though :slight_smile:


This is awesome. Is it an official Snap project, or just a side project by an independent developer? I love the idea of getting a downloable .exe of your project.

It definitely took more than 5 minutes of spinning/waiting and I thought it was frozen, but it ended up working. It looks great and runs smooth. So cool!

Snap! should officially adopt this and incorporate it onto their servers.

It's a semi-official Snap! project. It was created by Adrian Hintze as his final university project, and my friend Jordi Delgado from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and myself (who was working at the Citilab at that time) were his supervisors. It's always been linked from the official Snap! sites and recommended by the Snap! team, so it has, let's say, Snap!'s official blessing.

Adrian has since then kept maintaining and updating it regularly, which we're extremely grateful for! :slight_smile: