How can I append two costumes with different widths vertically?

Title is pretty much self-explanatory

Do you want to stretch one, crop one, shrink one, or letterbox one?

In the first or third case, use the STRETCH block.

In the second case, map ITEM (NUMBERS FROM m TO n) OF __ over the rows of the costume you want to crop.

In the fourth case, map
APPEND (RESHAPE (0) TO (m) (4)) ___ (RESHAPE (0) TO (n) (4))
over the rows of the costume (adding pixels of four zeros in front and back).

I haven't actually done this, so tell me if it doesn't work. :~)

I developed a few blocks to manipulate costumes earlier in the year and one of them was to overlay one costume on top of another

But it also lets you stack them in the way I think you want



As I said, the original problem statement was ambiguous about the desired result, and one of my proposed solutions does crop the wider costume. Other solutions stretch or shrink a costume, or letterbox the narrow one.

Oh I see. I said

If you just called ITEM on the list of pixels, then yes, you'd eliminate columns, but by mapping it over the rows you're eliminating pixels within a row.

I understand it now.
NUM... TO n the cols. (items of each row) to keep.
(I also had misunderstood a part of what you said as cropping rows)

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