Hot Chocolate (TOTM)

Make a nice, hot, cup of Hot Chocolate!

First, put the cup into the machine and press the Green Button!

Next, get the cup full of hot water and put it on the table.

Lastly, dispense the chocolate powder out of the chocolate tube and BAM! Your hot chocolate is done!

Here's the game...thing. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

This was for TOTM.

It is the first (and only) project posted in the TOTM category.

yum! hot chocolate in march. seriously now i want hot chocolate lol

but nice project

I am frankly disgusted that you would even CONSIDER such a low-life thing as making hot chocolate with water. /j

i know right!

You talking about me?


Nah, I'm too lazy. Instead I just put the poweder in the cup and be done.

Then why are you being rude?

I put a /j indicator there... /j means it's a joke...

Ha! I never put water in, I always use milk. Lactose-free milk because I'm lactose-intolerant, like many, many people.

Oh OK.

It hurts my stomach just thinking about it