HMS Dart (Prototype)

This project is a remake of my first Snap! game. The gameplay isn't finished yet, though.

The link doesn't work for me now but it did earlier on my phone :frowning:

But what I wanted to say was - it looks very good visually :slight_smile:

Was it your first game on Snap! or did you write it on Scratch and transcode it?

Doesn’t work for me.

[REDACTED] it! I should have saved the file on my system. I feel guilty.

Whoops, seems like I unshared it by mistake. Try again.

It was my first Snap! project.


Can somebody send an image of the game? I want to see it but i cant :(

Parallax scroll with
untitled script pic - 2022-05-11T000955.114
seems more immersive, to me.

screenshot (2)

Pretty good for a first project! Wow!

I mean, it's pretty good for your first.

I couldn't even figure out how to code particles when I first joined and still don't. I could use Dodecadev's particle system but...

when green flag clicked :: control
go to x: (0) y:(0)
set x to (pick random (-15) to (15)
set y to (pick random (-15) to (15)
create clone of [my self v]
when I start as a clone
wait (.2) seconds
repeat (8)
change [ghost v] effect by (12.5) :: looks cap

[scratchblocks] delete this clone [/scratchblocks] ?

No, no, no, this is a remake of my first project. The original is very bad and cringey.

Ah ok.