Hippo Flies Behind Pen Drawn Mountain - AMAZING!

set pen layer to [front v]::pen
Another project to support the suggestion to add the above block.

The project works much better in the editor. Otherwise you may need to click the green flag multiple times before things start correctly.

Link to SNAP! project - opens in editor

This is just a fun animation where a hippo and some other sprites fly in front of and then behind a pen-draw mountain but always in front of a pen-draw sun.

I'm using the SciSnap blocks from the library which don't work well and are slow.

Can't you just use PEN TRAILS to put the drawn stuff on sprites?

But drawing the mountain was supposed to part of the animation. How do we fly sprites in front of a pen drawn sun and behind a pen drawn mountain? If the sun and the mountain are on the pen layer at the same time won’t they both be in the pen trails?

You could just do this

  1. Draw the sun (layer 1)
  2. Draw the hippo (layer 2)
  3. Draw the mountains (layer 3)

Would that be an animation or just a still picture?

If it is an animation then does all of that have to be redrawn and completed in each frame?

Do you have any example?

Would it help people if there was a switch pen to front layer block? Can anyone see how this might be useful?

  1. Draw the sun.
  2. Put pen trails in a costume and on a sprite.
  3. CLEAR.
  4. Draw the mountains.

So, while the mountains were being drawn the sun would not be visible or the sun sprite would go in front of the pen draw mountains.

Would this be a useful intuitive block to have?

It would go something like this
forever {
warp {
draw sun :: pen
move (10) steps
draw mountains :: pen
} :: grey
} :: control

I'm really confused. If you want the background bits to be there at the beginning, just save them in sprites.

Oh, are you thinking that CLEAR will make the sun disappear? Since you've given a sprite that costume, it'll still be visible when you clear the pen trails.


I like it