High resolution images

On the graphics screen it would be super if the resolution was higher like its is for zoomed blocks, Maybe use vectors not bitmaps. Also missing save pic... in full screen graphic.

What? No, we support SVG costumes, and there are some in our costume library. The reason they aren't all svg is that we stole them from Scratch a long time ago, before there was svg.

About full screen (I'm guessing you mean what we call "presentation mode"), we try to have programs behave the same way in presentation mode that they do in edit mode. That means we want, as much as possible, for the screen coordinates as seen by the program to be the same in either mode, so we make pixels twice as big (in each linear dimension) rather than having four times as many of them. Every so often someone writes a program that does behave differently, usually because they run the FILL block.

(Are you the D. Thornburg? If so, hi!)

Who is that?

Old-time Logo person, author of several books.

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