Hiding source code


Help!I can't remix it!
edit:using "delete window.close" lets me load the page!

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I fixed it.

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But I still can't use the plugin!

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Oh.Now you can remix it.

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Hey @aaron_sn,Why did you set cloud var creator to your username?

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Sorry.I forgot to change the cloud id!I'll fix that.Fixed!

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is it possible to hack into it

There are two ways to hack it when @aaron_sn had not mentioned a way to hack it.

  1. Type delete window.close in the console at a insane speed(before greenflag autoclicks) Solved by not using window.close
  2. Press :red_circle: quickly when the XHR(i.e url block)(for fetching the creator) has not finish.This requires insane speed too.Solved by using generic when instead

You can try hacking it in

(Hey aaron sn,why didnt you drag the block in the c slot?

Didn't jens say he didn't like projects that hide the source code in that snap chatroom project?

Yes, he hates close source. But hide code = anti-cheat, you can open source in another project without cloud id so your game is safe + it is open source = Awesome!

but the stop sign prevents generic when hats from running

You can just download the project from the Snap! Cloud