Hide the variables in the colors and crayons library (not like that)

I recently found out that if you use “ide_hide(block)” with a ringified variable as it’s input it will hide the variable from the palette along with hiding it from all variable drop downs, but they variable still works if the “run with inputs” block is used or it was previously selected in a block before the hide as well as the variable itself

The library creates a lot of variables so using it is somewhat combersome especially with all the excess blocks it adds (I won’t suggest hiding those as you already said you didn’t want to) and I think that hiding the variables would be the best solution to this as those are one of the most prominent things in snap

You can also do it by going into the hide blocks dialog, and finding the variable you want to hide, and checking the box.

That’s can’t be done programatically (also I didn’t know that was a thing)

yea it can

I ment like without hide block it’s not programatic (or js)

I had no idea this was a thing, but it totally should be in the library

heres a script for it:
colours and crayons vars hidden script pic

Strangely you can hide blocks using the hide variable block, but you can't hide the variable blocks.

Yeah, the feature of hiding variables didn't exist when I wrote the library.


I'll get around to it; don't hold your breath!


I assumed so otherwise you probably would have done this already!

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