Hide and Seek TASbot!

What is a TASbot? A TASbot is a robot that speedruns a game! Basically it does all these tricks and maneuvers at a speed no human can achieve. These tricks can help speedrunners get World Records.

Anyways, I made a TASbot for my game Hide and Seek as I was fascinated with these little machines.
Enough talking, here's the bot.

A few things to mention: This bot may or may not get World Record, and if both players are in the same hiding spot, the TASbot doesn't wait or detect the second player. To fix this you can just reset the project by pressing the green flag block.


The game gets paused before the TASbot starts the speedrun so that you can change the cursor speed.
Cursor speed is divided by 10 (For example, a cursor speed set at 2 is 0.2).

I feel like the bot has a slight advantage above normal players, since the bot 'find's them at the exact same time they move objects out of the way, even though normal players have to click on the people to 'find' them.

Also, in the third room from the left, the movements of the cabinets are backwards.


Actually, TASes aren't used to cheat on human speedruns. They're usually different categories altogether.

Yeah.. and honestly, if a TASbot wanted to be 100% efficient, the mouse would probably move (really glide but so fast that it appears) instantaneously as opposed to gliding. It definitely could get WR very easily.