Hidden variables

Id really like to have the option to have a variable that doesn’t appear in the pallet, basically a script variable that can be reused, global script variables

Edit, oct 12 2023: I finally figured this out
Using “ide_hide(block)” with a ringified variable as its input it will make the variable still work but won’t be selectable in the variable dropdowns or show in the pallet

I can’t believe after all this time my oldest suggestion was finally solved

Best thing is to find out why you don't want the variable to appear in the pallette as there may be alternate solutions to your problem

if it isn't in the pallete, how would you get the variable? why is having the variable in the pallete an issue?

I believe we have the feature you need. It's called "block variables," page 43 of the manual.

why did you reply to sarpnt?

Because I just clicked the nearest "Reply" button. Sorry!

oh lol

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