Hi, I'm new

Hi, I'm pretty new to Snap. I have been using scratch for the past few years but I wanna try more advanced programming, so I am trying out snap. I wanted to know some things that you can do in Snap you cannot do in Scratch, thanks!

Have a look at https://snap.berkeley.edu/doc/Brian-Harvey_Baby-language.pdf

it gives me {"errors":["Failed to find resource: \/doc\/Brian-Harvey_Baby-language.pdf"]}

but i found this: https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~bh/snap/baby3.pdf

Oops! I'll ask Bernat to fix that. Meanwhile here's a more recent version:
baby4.pdf (2.8 MB)
but I still have to update it for metaprogramming!

Welcome to the Forums! One feature I really like is the World Map library... I have made some really fun geolocation projects with it.


Screenshot 2022-10-13 05.45.48

That's really cool, I can't wait to try out all the new blocks!

I'm new too.

Then welcome!

You can do matrix multiplication (which is useful for Machine Learning, and something that Scratch doesn't offer), you can use JS to grab Data from one website to another (But PLEASE don't take this advice and start to learn to hack with JS! You'll get banned and we don't want to see that!), you can use the MULTIPLE libraries which our kind Snap! users and Snap! development teams have made, etc.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Like Brian said, check out some docs on Snap!.

Welcome to the community!

Thanks! I really think I can learn a lot here!

Oh! Look at me... But that's pre-8.0 so it doesn't show DEFINE.

Oh, I didn't notice that.

Well, for one, you can make a block that creates other blocks with JavaScript (or use the new 8.0 blocks, but that's the non-challenging way, but still non-existent in Scratch, I guess)

Yea, I think it's cool that you can use JS. I have been trying to learn a bit about JS too.

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