Hi, i did a thing (Multitouch Snap!)

i was making a project in Snap! and wondered if multitouch support was half implemented, as in
untitled script pic (1) & untitled script pic (2) report ONE value, but the untitled script pic will occur whenever a finger touches the screen, without caring if two or more fingers are touching the screen.

That wasn't the case, and I knew morphic.js very well by then, and I found the code, and rewrote it so it supports multi-touch.

Here it is: Morphic! but with multi-touch support. Hopefully someone puts this in the main Snap! source.

And if you were wondering what that project was: Who Can Tap The Fastest?

How the multitouch works is that the World has a list of hands.
And when a new finger touches the screen, a new hand is created for that finger and that finger ALONE. That new hand gets added to the list of hands in the World. Whenever something happens, the hand is retrieved from the list by searching the list of hands for a hand that has the same pointerId as the touch.

I mean, one hand can't be doing 20 things now can it?

if you would like to use this fancy multitouch here it is: Multi-Touch Snap!

and uh, if you're @bh, how did i do?

and jens i know you don't like discussions about javascript. but i see multitouch as a thing Snap! should have.

I’ll try to work on it if I can

what do you mean? the multitouch supports done, the project i'll update.

Oh I was gonna implement the morphic.js into a snap mod

okie dokie

I’ll send you it when I’m done

It should just be a copy & paste, wouldn't it?

Yes but… you’ll see it

Your modified morphic.js has problems you cannot scroll things like in the sensing category I cannot scroll down or other categories that require scrolling

i'll fix that.

are you using iOS?

because i'm using chrome on an iPad to test this right now, it seems that for iOS and iOS alone, it just creates new hands, fixing that. then i'll move onto fixing the hand not moving.

Yes I am

I think we should work together sometime on a snap! Mod because we both know javascript very well (you might even know a little more than me) but some other time we should work together

Wow, and humble too! (Please note, this is a joke. Don't take this seriously.)

Also when you fix that just tell me and when you tell me I’ll work on adding extra blocks that track each hand and makes it into a list

It’s okay

I'd love to see your mod when it's done.

speaking of which, iOS seems to not give a care about any standards at all, so i'm just going to make this code only run on iOS.

it does work on Andriod.

So, no mobile linux w/ GNOME touch?

don't know, don't have those.