Hi, I am new to snap!

hi, I'm 10kilo from Scratch (aka 1gig on my school account).
is there any beginner stuff I need to know?

Welcome to Snap!

A good start is the reference manual!

Hi! Welcome aboard.

About "beginner stuff": Since one of the things I do around here is deal with email from schools, the first thing that struck me in your message was "aka 1gig on my school account." The reason, or at least one reason, why you have a school account and a personal account is that in your role as a private person you want to make friends and be part of a vibrant community, but in your role as a student, sharing of information about you is controlled by law -- not that you aren't allowed to share info, but we aren't allowed to share info about you in your student role. So it defeats the purpose if you tell everybody that your two accounts are the same person!

Sorry, that isn't what you wanted to know, although you still might find it interesting and/or worthwhile. You meant, technical details about the two languages. A picture is worth 1K words:

Code is data in Snap!! :~) Blocks and scripts can be list items, variable values, and otherwise used just like numbers or words. More than anything else, this is what Snap! is all about.

More here.

because my personal account's password was generated by my browser, making it so I cannot access it anywhere else unless I use my personal browser account (which might not be possible)

oh :frowning:

it's alright...

Oh I see. I thought "school account" meant "account created under the auspices of the school" rather than just "account I use at school." So, why not ditch the home-browser-only account? Must be a pain in the neck when you save a project on one account and want to use it from the other account!

But, let's not talk about that, let's talk about procedure as data. :~)


now that, that's really cool! I can find that useful especially when I can run blocks inside variables and lists!

Yup, that's what the RUN block (in Control) does.

also, I'm surprised that snap devs are online most of the time! like on scratch, sometimes no one in the scratch team is online...

I agree. The fact that with only (to my knowledge) two people as moderators/developers for Snap!, much less than Scratch Team's ~40 people as staff, those two people end up being so consistently active. It's genuinely impressive!

Thank you!

There are semi-officially six of us: Jens and me originally, plus Bernat, Michael, Jadga, and Joan (although he has a full-time day job and can't give us as much time as we'd like). This hasn't changed the fact that it's still 99% Jens's work! The rest of us nibble around the edges. We also currently have student interns Brendan and Victoria.

I spend a lot of time checking the forum because (1) I have no life, and (2) I enjoy chatting with kids. :~)