Hi. I am here

I am a human being who exists and might like programming and game development. Oh, I am also a composer.

... composer of music? :smiley:



Nice! Welcome!

musescore.c om to avoid link >hamsandwichnow

Your music sounds wonderful! Do you mind if I use one of them (with credit) in a Roblox game I'm working on (lobby music; there's going to be a playlist of songs that play in the lobby)? Or even better; make me a piece kind of like this: menu (in-game Version) - YouTube (if you do, just use the same style; quick and catchy. Don't copy it exactly.)

Very nice indeed!

Yeah I can make something. Btw how did you make a link? :grinning:

That's just a restriction new users get. Use the forum a bit more and you'll eventually get a PM about leveling up and you'll get fewer restrictions.

ok thanks

Can't wait to hear the result! :notes: