Hi guys, im back

hi guys, im back again
for my 3rd and probably final year of snap
i just wanted to let you guys know that yall changed my life
especially @joecooldoo and @ego-lay_atman-bay and bh
originally i wanted to post an idea instead of just making a post like this
but here i am, making this post
i know this is really not fitting for these forums but

Hi, what happens a year from now?

idk, this is my final year of getting a chromebook to take home
i have no clue what happens in high school

You can't not have access to a computer. You'll need it for homework and stuff. You'll work something out.

I hope...I hope you'll come back to Snap and continue coding. You were a great person on our Forums.

thanks, and im still here for like 8-9 months