Hex Bug to …

This is my first ever physical computing (besides those circuit board kits)

So: I am trying to make it to be able to press the button that activated 2 LED’s. The one problem: It’s not powerful enough to push the button, or the button is to hard to push. I have two of these ants, but have no idea how that could possibly help. Plus I ordered new batteries for the second because it’s old ones started to corrode. I do not know how to make the button softer, but I’m pretty sure that would be easier.

Video: https://vimeo.com/729836228
Sorry for low quality, vimeo sucks

Hand reveal lol

What else did I make with this?

Before the button: I took the wheels off the second ant and hooked them to a wooden block. I taped it down with a gear and wheel on each side. The wheel and gear could still spin. I had the 1st ant on the wooden platform I made and put a rubber band in between it, then using the remotes would make the rubber band twist into a loop, but their was a twist, it could go forever, for some reason the way I made it. The rubber band would just relap itself and keep going, it would not get tight either.