Here we go... (to snapblocks converter, NO JS!)

So... I have been working on a, um, very time-wasting fun unfortunately annoying project that I first only wanted to share when it was done, but when ever I have a script like this, there is a strange error. for some reason it is "expecting a list but getting a text", not sure why, as when I remove the NUMBERS FROM block that is in the first slot of the outer NUMBERS FROM BLOCK, there is no error. it seems as for some reason this block is only accepting some amount of reporters, as when i put a NUMBERS FROM into the list icon on the ADD block, it will break. not sure why... (also I know the variable reporters aren't working correctly I have a plan to fix that, I also have a plan to add dropdowns & variadic inputs ( oof ) so pls dont ask for me to add stuff here. I will make a seperate topic in "share your projects" when it is done :)​


not sure if this works at all normally, if it is not working, use snap 10 and enable blocks all the way.
DO not tell me to put this in share your projects

Welcome back! I can't seem to get the code from that... it would be helpful if we could see the code.

Just click the image, then drag the bigger image into snap.

1: snap has xml metadata embedded into the script pics. (do what ego-lay_atman-bay) said
2: I have not posted in a while, but I was sort of feeling burnt out and currently have no plans to be inactive again.

untitled script pic - 2024-04-27T010908.378
at sbhelper can't be called with
untitled script pic - 2024-04-27T010911.354
as a "list"

Hey, I remember you! Welcome back!

when is this called? it seems like this is working completely fine seperately:

That's the v10 Lisp translation system.

What is?

splitting text by blocks. Isn't that the example above?

Good one! It's better to recategorize to Share your Projects rather than here, because this category is for help with Snap!, not for showcasing.

They were asking for help, because they were running into an error.

I just used a similar process to what snap! Uses for metaprogramming/when the DEFINITION OF block is called and used a call block to actually call the function. But do you mean dardoro’s post? because then I don’t understand

You need to debug your code
Call log looks like


The last item gives an error.
Prior to last (row 15) is
untitled script pic - 2024-04-27T214155.538


It seems that the recursion went too far - instead of evaluating this,
untitled script pic - 2024-04-27T215732.812

you go deeper and are trying again to interpret
untitled script pic - 2024-04-27T215852.050
as a next expression.
You may stop the recursion when the list is flat, i.e. has one dimension (not the length).
Sorry if it is not clear enough...

Ohhhh!!! fixing it now (not done yet at time of writing) but this was clearly the solution as it has already fixed most of it ツ
EDIT: Fixed it yeasss


still adding new features though