Here is how to embed a project!

 <iframe allowfullscreen allow="geolocation; microphone; camera" frameBorder=0 src="" width="480" height="390"></iframe

Nice game!


This is kind of a security issue, code execution in a forum post.

Well HTML iframe sandboxing exists, this can be used to prevent too dangerous things from happening in the iframe


Well yeah, but there are still other things that it can do... such as logging you out.

Well yeah I guess....

We turned off embedding for a while, and will again should it prove necessary, but nobody seems to be posting malicious projects right now, knock on wood. didn't exactly show us how to embed, though..
Plus I think this is supposed to go into the tutorial category :)

Yeah, it's in this post:

ah, okay :)

Yup in this post:Here is how to embed a project!

For the shared projects, there is an :cloud: menu option "Open in Comunity Site".
Then Embed button

Yeah that’s what I did you just copy the code then you paste it

and you didn't tell us what to do to the code.

So you go to the project you want to be embed then below you press the embed button, you copy the code then you paste it on a post you want for the project to be on, then there you post it then you will have the project embed!

The category should be "tutorials"

Oh yeah thanks for telling me that