hi! i'm doing my create task project and i'm making a GPA calculator. i have a button so the user can delete one of the classes they added into the list, but the delete button isn't working. i used the same algorithm for my other button and it's working perfectly fine even though i used the same code for the delete button as well. i have no idea why it's not working and i swear it was working before?? plz help!!

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 9.58.55 PM

Look at your delete block code
then check where input is being set

i got it! i think i was confused cause it allowed me to not set the input before using the repeat block in another block. thank you!

Why did you reply to @cymplecy?

I pressed the wrong button by mistake.

Could you change this to a more descriptive title, such as "delete button isn't working on calculator project"?
Just help doesn't tell me about your problem.

It doesn't matter much now, the problem has been solved, hasn't it?