. Help

Make a block Build Your Own Block!

⊂⊃:arrow_backward:︎━━ Choose the color
⊂⊃ and category
⊂⊃:arrow_backward:︎━━ Name the block!

+⃝ <---- Click a plus sign ------> si⃢ze ─────square-> + size +

pen down -----:arrow_lower_right:pen down
pen down -----------------------------:arrow_upper_right:

lol this help screen got me spinning in circles

I legit pressed the "okay" button in the menu as an attempt to get rid of it :skull:

Name the block!



its my favorite part for some reason

I'm quite proud of that help screen. It took me a long time in Photoshop.

Oh but I see, yeah, it's not so readable when reduced to text. :blush:

and rightly so! it's my favorite one yet