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Turbowarp Link (as I don’t want it to be public yet)

There is an odd bug where the zombie walkers do 15 or more damage (should do 5) and end up bugging out the base health bar. I urgently need help with this, I have tried many times and it won’t work.

this is a scratch project, shouldn't you be asking on the scratch forums?

This is probably not the best place to ask for help. It's like asking for a Semi-Truck repair at your local Shell's Gas Station. It is doable, but no one would take up on your offer.


The Snap! moderators have said that any computer science/programming related topics are fine but they don’t want too many. I have made a similar topic on Swift here too. I believe it was bhenrique and Brian who have said before CS topics or programming are allowed. That’s why the #compsci:related-sciences topic exists…

You broadcast the "walkerHit" to every live clone on the stage, so every hit is counted 5x clone count.
Only the "playerBase" should react to "hit_by_walker".

??? we are @ "Help with Snap!>Snap Editor"

yeah that confused me too.

Then why did you put it as #help:snap-help instead of that?

Brian changed it.

I have tried before to make the clone individually change the variables value and it still does not work.


There is a second problem - every sprite on stage reacts to the next wave trigger and spawns additional ones. So some sprites stacks over and over and move as a package together.

How would I fix it?

i flagged it off

Start waves only for the parent sprite not clones. Eq. make a sprite variable ("clone") and set/increment "when I start as a clone". Now generate new wave only "if clone=0".

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