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How do I do saves?
I need help with adding music, I have dowloaded music and I put it in and when I test the music on sounds it works but if you play the game and turn it on it doesn't play anything.
Am I allowed to make games were multiple people can be in the game at the same time and can see each other but can't chat and how?

Mod needed on multiplayer.

Use the database library

Yes, use polling or WebSockets

Can I have some help with it, I am a beginner to Snap and don't know every feature.

Which one?


Thx I will try to figure the rest out.

You can go to the library menu here:
Then use the database library (the blocks will show up in Variables) to make a save feature.

How do I make it so that it saves though, what blocks do I use and what do I do with them, heres my project that I want to add it to:

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2021-02-26 (2)
Note that this can easily be hacked.

You can use the store key block to store data. The first input is the key, or the "name." That's what will be used to locate and manipulate the data. Make sure you make your key names distinct and remember what they are.
The second input is the value. This can be changed at any time by overwriting the key name in the block. The value parameter is where you'll actually store the savecodes.
(You still need to make the savecode creating and loading system yourself.)
Stored data in browser block: Just a block to report a dictionary of all the stored data. A dictionary is a list of lists, in which each item is the same size (2 items) and they all follow the key-value formula we talked about earlier.
Get value from key takes a key name and reports the matching value from the storage. If you had a key stored named 'savecode', and it had a value of 3, you could enter 'savecode' in that block and it would report 3. The block also reports false if the key is not found, so you can use it with "is _ a _" to see if a key exists.
The rest are self-explanatory.
(Also @programmer_user you could store it in a single key and separate the values by space, then split it by space and load each variable accordingly)

This right?


What is worng?

Just compare the two pictures...

I am confused.

I don't see a difference except for my blocks in the middle.

Ohhhh wow I am stupid :rofl:

Is this right and do I need to do anything for deleting data or saving and loading?

You should remove the clear data block. It has no practical use and can erase data from other games too. Replace it with two remove key blocks instead for money and money_per_click