Help with setting a variable to a sprite

How can I set a variable to a sprite so that when the variable is called the sprite can be interacted with?

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For example, you can do
Untitled script pic
or choose some other sprite from the pulldown.

just curious, in every like example, you use the words "foo" and "vee", why is that, and what do they mean?

FOO is the first metasyntactic variable in the standard sequence. I'm not sure where I use VEE but if I do it's a reference to the V-shaped fractal using randomness instead of an explicit base case to stop the recursion, invented by Paul Goldenberg using Logo, which I demonstrated at a Scratch conference as an example of things you could do in Logo that you couldn't (at that time) do in Scratch, at a session attended by Jens, thereby motivating his BYOB extension to Scratch. You can see the project at :file_icon: > Open > Examples > vee.

oh, ok

On this topic, why bar?


Bar is the second metasyntactic variable.

FOO and BAR come from the two syllables of FUBAR, which is an unofficial but widespread military (WWII vintage, I think) acronym for Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition, which is in turn a variant of the earlier SNAFU, for Situation Normal, All Fouled Up, only, in both cases, with a slightly different word for the F.

Kinda random but I’m surprised they actually have some sort of meaning

foo is already a popular example because of foobar


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