Help with option menus

I’m making a block for some menu testing, but when I put in the extra signs it does the thing the signs do in option’s instead of just showing them
Maybe this would help

I know why it’s happening, it’s because = is the value delimiter in them, but I kinda need just exact text, is there a way to fix this?

I could've sworn you were able to use a backslash, but when I tested it, it doesn't work. I think the only way (right now) is to use javascript, which isn't ideal.

I had one idea, use a Unicode character that’s almost the same as it

Small equals sign

Looks a bit goofy but works

It does work better than having to use javascript, because, you know, you would need javascript extensions enabled.

Or you could try =, fullwidth equals sign, U+FF1D, 65309, perhaps imposing rather than goofy.

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