Help with My Pong Game

I really need help with this project of mine:

(@admin: why can't I copy embed?)
It is too fast. What should be the appropriate speed? View the Scratch version here:

Another thing, the game should stop when the score becomes 99. But it's not happening.

Hi! Some comments:

  • You can change speed just changing the number of steps the ball advances. Also the speed can be increased when the game advances. Something like;


  • About stopping at 99. You have two "score increments" by 9. Sometimes the "total increment" is 9 and sometimes is 18 (both increments running at the same time). So, sometimes your score is not 99 (90 + 18). Anyway, it's always better to check if score > 99 than if score = 99. Then, when your score was 99 or more, the game stops.


Thank you very much!