Help with my game

[my game of life (will lag)]
please help with my game!!! it works but theres so much i cant add anything. Please help me find a simpler way to make the games code!

(oh my god...)
Using touching for neighbor detecting in a grid is a TERRIBLE,TERRIBLE idea!
You should use two 2d lists to store the states and draw them,not copy a bunch of sprites.

ok how to use lists i am so confused on how to use lists

You can read the manual.

You can learn with this tutorial:

okay i will

no offence but when i created a page crasher it didnt lag other sites this bad so props to you

Also im so glad people recognize conways game of life

its simple to make and i am trying to make it lag free

This game froze the page and made my fans spin up :melting_face:

oh oopsy

If that's the case how did my Chromebook not destroy everything within a mile?

Chromebooks were made for chrome, but mines not. I have a huge monitor. And I had it in true fullscreen, making Snap! have to process more pixels for the display. All these things could be why this project froze.

im on firefox

On a Chromebook?


So you're using a mobile app that was intended for a phone?

no firefox is my default browser on a chromebook

But what does that have to do with what I'm saying?

i forgor :skull:

lol i made that "game" on a chromebook