Help with making a Window interface

i want to make a Windows-Based Operating system. i did all the necessary things for an Operating System, until the part where you render Window interfaces...

I was thinking of using the built-in Snap! pop-ups (which i'll call Window for now on) as for interface, but i need to make it more advanced. I only got these blocks from joecooldoo:

I need similar blocks, but more customizable.
(customizable buttons, customize width and height of Titlebar and Window Box, put buttons anywhere in Window, resizable window, just like how Windows act in "Windows™")

Can anyone help me make it? (I'm too lazy to JavaScript)

you don't need javascript to create window interfaces, i'm not sure what you mean by built-in snap popups. i made a windowing system in spritz, although it doesn't have titlebars.
titlebars shouldn't be difficult, just add a sprite that goes on top with some text.

Snap! 8.0 has a great feature that lets ASK AND WAIT display a popup, with title and everything. See page 24 of the manual.

They mean something like a windowed app.

Check this out: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

It doesn't have everything you need, but you can modify the code as necessary.

There is also this unfinished project I've made:

Wow, amazing !

It doesn't have titlebars though, also resizing using mouse. If you can't do it, I'll keep doing it myself

They both have titlebars, but only one of them render text.

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