Help with Conway's Game of Life

Hi. Everything runs fine with my project, however I feel like it is very slow.

I have tried messing around with the warp blocks but that hasn't worked.

Project is at Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I have found out that it is the update block that is being slow.

Thanks in advance!

Speed seems fine to me

the speed seems reasonable for me as well... how fast is it running for you?

for me i only get 1fps (but i'm using an outdated loaner from my school rn so it might be bc of that)

@geokid you should try using tables

This script was 5 x faster for me (300 => 60 ms)


Calculating a sum of the neighbors is a convolution with a matrix


and can be easily implemented by a hyper-sum of the shifted state.
This way ~30 ms can be achieved.

EDIT, hyper-sum version

Did you mean to use my @name?

its a bit slow, but not too much.


thats slower i think

isnt a table just a list of lists

yeah it is
or a 2-dimensional list

Why are you telling me to "try using tables"?

I did not start this topic. You probably thought I did because my profile picture was shown next to the link, since I was the last one to post before you posted.

sorry i must of misstacken you for @lionheart921

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