Help with collision?

I'm trying to make a collision system for a game but it's very jittery and unreliable. Any help please?

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks.

Hi !, share your project plz...

oops forgot the last dot
Snap! Build Your Own Blocks.

The link won't work like that. Use

Oh thanks!

What I would advise is to not run all of the scripts on the tiles. Using the player, create some global variables for the location of the camera, and use those. If you want, you could also use tell and the player for putting the sprites in their correct locations, instead of using separate scripts. It would be slightly slower (assuming you used warp; otherwise it would be too slow to be usable) but would also help things align better.
Was this project generated by snapin8r2? It sets variables to the strings true and false, which make sense for a converted project but aren't really good. It would be better to set the variable to touching objects directly, and the use the not block for inverting it.

Thanks for the advice! I did find some gaps between some of the tiles so I'll try using a variable for coordinates. And no, I originally made the project on snap not scratch. I just tend to make my code messy.

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