Help with colision

i need help how to make colision becuse its getting outside of the screen

Where's the project? We can't do much if you don't show us. Can you at least tell me what "it" is?

im creating a project like roblox but 2D and very glitchy phisics (purpose) and its getting out of the screen

Can you give the link for the project please?

I see the problem now! In Snap!, sprites are allowed to go off the stage, unlike in Scratch. You can use the "if on edge, bounce" block to add fencing but it might change the direction, meaning you will have to change it back. Here's the fixed project: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks , you really just needed two extra blocks at the end.


i will put credits

Don't worry, you don't have to do that.

since you fixed i can make you an admin when the game is done

I took the liberty of changing the jumping code to be more realistic.

It's really just two blocks, you don't have to do all that for me!

You know the joke about the guy who's having a problem with backed up plumbing, so he calls a plumber, who comes, looks around, pulls out a hammer and bangs on a pipe, which solves the problem. He then presents the homeowner with a bill for $2000. "Two thousand dollars??? For banging on a pipe?? I demand an itemized bill." So the plumber finds a piece of paper and writes


Banging on pipe....$1
Knowing where to bang....$1999

Moral: Don't be so modest!

That makes sense.

i did not understand (i cannot respond for 2 days or more)

I was talking to @me_the_super, who kept saying their contribution wasn't important because it was only two blocks.