Help with coding more features for PIXELSNAP


hey people, so I might need some help on coding some new features like UGC templates and stuff so I might need some cloud variables for it.

I'm also accepting feature requests from the community if anyone would like their features to be in here reply to this.

(If you have helped with this, you will be given credit in the project's notes.)

I can make UGC, I'm staying home today, so i can do a lot of stuff

You'll make the user-generated content...?

No, I'll make the AI that uploads/finds the UGC templates

What? Why would you use an AI to make the user-generated content? What's all this about templates? I'm very confused.

The AI uploads the UGC template you decide to upload to the cloud, and then if you select the templates option, you can type in the name of the template and it will load it for you

based on your description, that's... not really an ai. but I don't know, I haven't seen it in action, so...

I know its not an AI, but I dont know what else to call it so

Algorithm? Program? Script? Uploader?

Im trying to do work and my submission for @sir_kitten2's ML contest, i dont think about that right now