Help with cloud server

anyone know how to make this work

What do you need help with? What isn't working?

the server

Huh, putting in the username and then running the project again doesn't make any errors, only when it is run the first time.

no u rnt understanding. whatever

When I run it the first time, it gives me an error. Ignoring the error and putting in my username, then stopping and then running the project again, leads to no error.

EDIT: Now there's no error at all: Screen recording 2024-05-21 8.20.28 AM.webm - Google Drive

does it work tho

Yeah. It depends on what you mean by "work", though.

im making a lot of edits

Ah, ok.

try it now. dont edit the project just join and enter your username

arrow keys to move and q/e to rotate

(ignore the error)


Don't see a error.

thats sick

just got to make it faster


reload and try

reload now

Uhhh, why is it that when I turn, you turn?

idk. it corrects itself. still more work to do like leaving the server