Help with book project (experienced with Python)

I am in the process of finalising a book on SNAP! to Python. I am stuck in a rut when converting a working project to Python code. This is a book aimed at school aged children, so my wish is to keep it as simple as possible. I need a volunteer to help me through this last project, (three months or more before publication). I need a SNAP! work colleague who can suggest (or re-write) and convert ideas in SNAP for simple Python - at its most simplest basic level for children.

So if you’d like to have an input (and get a credit in the book) then take a look at the pilot projects here. I am just stuck on converting one last project (to Python) called Airplane 3D. So I will need a Python coder who also uses SNAP! , ( like me), but knows a bit more on Python code conversions than I do. I know a lot about making children’s books and do teach coding in schools and at various levels.

My current projects are here, (most of which have been converted already).

All inquiries will be confidential, so replies may be off forum, although I don’t yet know if that's possible.

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