Help with an mod

I need help with an mod

Isn't that what you made CollaSnap for? What do you want in your mod?

I want some new things like some new blocks

What blocks?

Blocks like C++ blocks or idea blocks or ideas

What do you mean by 'idea blocks'?

I mean ideas from people

If you want to add new blocks, then why is this a mod? Libraries are a thing.

Also, how do you send a DM?

Well because you can interact with blocks.js and objects.js and implement morphic.js code and stuff

And I do not know

Also what is an DM?

Like because mods can change snap like they could turn the stage into an textbox that is what I am working on

You can't, or at least you can only dm the snap devs, and snap devs are the only ones who can dm anyone.

Oh, really? :frowning: