Help wanted for Emerix

What's Emerix? Emerix is a programming language I am developing. Well, it's sort of an Emulator for a programming language I'm developing. It's not really a programming language, but...

Anyways, that's not important. What is important is that I need help with my project.
Here's the link. Click on it, and follow with me. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Step 1: Press "See Code" because you will need it if you want to dissect my code.
Step 2: Go to the "CodeExecuter" sprite, or whatever it is called. (EDIT: Actually, you'll need to dissect both the CodeExecuter sprite and the Parser sprite.)
Step 3: Now comes the "troubleshooting" or "help" part that I need people to help me solve. For some reason, the Parser sprite is adding code to the Parser list, but the CodeExecuter can't recognize it. I have no idea what is happening so I might sound weird to the point that you won't understand. But just press the Green Flag and then add a command saying "" and see what happens.

Thank you in advance. (And yes, I am kinda lazy and bad at code.)

im sorry for offtopic but could you message me in scratch?

I can't. I got banned, if you don't know.

no wander i cant find you.

I actually had a different account name. "Suspense_Comix", "urhumane", "Builders_Hut_Games", and "Lapple-Entertainment" or whatever it is.

can i contact you there? i just need some help with ai thats all.

No, you can't. Yet again, I got banned. On all accounts.

Okay, first my "Suspense_Comix" account was banned, and then 2 hours later on my "urhumane", I was trying to save a project I was making, which was a game engine, when the account also got banned. And then my brother's account got banned, and then MY WHOLE FREAKING IP ADDRESS was banned.

Fast forward to 1 year later and I got a new house with new IP address, so I can now make a new Scratch account with freedom. So I made by "Lapple-Entertainment" and "Builders_Hut_Games" accounts. BUT THEN THAT IP ADDRESS ALSO GOT BANNED! Like, how do they even track me down?! Unless they are hackers...

[joke] NAAHHH, they totally must be hackers! [/joke]

TL;DR: You can't contact me with neither of those accounts I listed.


Artificial Intelligence? We can talk here or make another Forum post.

its scratch not snap.

I know. I can help you do some Scratch coding but let's talk here.

... better do new topic.

Why don't you start it? How 'bout it!

ok! brb



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