help please

I don't have all the blocks that the snap teacher had what can I do

Hi! Can you make sure that you've selected a sprite, and not the stage?

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 00.09.22

The stage doesn't have all the blocks, e.g. its missing the motion blocks.

I just made sure I was in sprite but it still did not have what I was looking for

What blocks are you looking for? Maybe your teacher loaded a project you don't have.

Hello! Welcome to the Snap! Forums! There are many libraries in Snap! which you need to import to get access to special blocks. You have to click on the third icon from the left on the left of the editor and select libraries to import the one you need. Also, as @bh has said, it is possible to make blocks by yourself on Snap! what your teacher may had done.

I am looking for many blocks

Well, tell us one or two of the ones you can't find.

You may right-click the tabs and click show primitives to get more blocks.